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Brand Library Music Series for "World Peace 2002"

Sunday, March 17, 3:00 p.m.

This is a showcase concert with performers in a smaller chamber group configuration.

MESTO features Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Romanian, and Latin music, to name just a few of the musical styles.

Performers of this chamber concert:

Nabil Azzam, 'ud and violin
Cesar Chicco, viola
Dr. Janice Foy, cello
Thomas McEvilley, guitar-violin
Miamon Miller, violin and viola
Jamie Papish, percussion
Leola Wagner, violin-Concertmistress of MESTO


Irish Medley: Arr. Thomas McEvilley
The Girl That Broke My Heart--The College Grove--The Oak Tree
Londonderry Air
La Cumparsita -- Return to Sorrento -- La Paloma -- El Choclo
Besame Mucho -- Pasadoble before the Bullfight.


Classical Arabic-Turkish:
Samai Farahraza and Longa Sultani Yegah by Cemil Bey. Arr. N. Azzam
The Instrumental Introduction to the song Alf Layla wa Layla
(One Thousand-One Nights) by Baligh Hamdi. Arr. N. Azzam


Greek Suite: Composed and arr. Miamon Miller
Hungarian Love Song by Oscar Reiding
The Gypsy Song; Anonymous
Gypsy Medley -- tunes from Croatia, Serbia, Russia and Hungary
Csardas by Vittorio Monti
Carpathisn Suite: Arr. M. Miller
Cintec din Oas-Slovenska Piesna-Bucovina Doina
Bulgarian Tune: Arr. M. Miller

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