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Current Affairs

MESTO at the prestigious Broad Stage
Santa Monica 9-16-2023

T. J. Troy asks the audience for a moment of silence in memory of the victims of Morocco and Lybia

Rain, Hanna, Aiden, and Fahd Shaab,Nasri Atweh, Nisreen Hajaj, Nabil Azzam and Mariam Kubursi

Nasri Atweh (MAGIC!)with MESTO, first performance with an orchestra

Nabil Azzam shares a solo violin in Inta Umri with Nisreen Hajaj

Guest artist Nisreen Hajaj; Hathihi Laylati

Young Talent Mariam Kubursi with Nisreen Hajaj

Mariam Kubursi..promissng star

MESTO under Maestro Nabil Azzam

Back stage, Maestro Nabil Azzam, singer Samir Rizq and guest artist Nasri Atweh

Nasri Atweh------ Nisreen Hajaj-----Fahd Shaaban---Mariam Kubursi
program include instrumental compositions:
Am Ahmad (Omar Khairat) Samaie Kurd (Joseph Chamaa) the Gypsy Girl (Safwan Bahlawan)
Laila Min Laila (Indian Song) Banadi 'Alaik (Farid El Atrache)
Mariam Kubursi
, vocalist: Time to Say Goodbye, Memory, Do Ra Mi

Kallimuni Tani (Abd al-Wahhab) featuring our percussion section

Nasri Atweh
, vocalist: Let Your Hair Down, Ballerina


Fahd Shaaban performs The Instruments Garden; A presentation of 13 instruments with orchestra

Nisreen Hajaj, vocalist: Ya Habibi Ta'ala; Hathihi Lailati; Inta Umri; Zuruni

FEB. 4, 2023
Great success and community interaction

MESTO orchestra Dr. Nabil Azzam, conductor/violinist

Aziza, Never On Suday, Hungarian Dance, Love Bird, O Sanam, Sawwah and more...

*** NEW ***
NOTE to our patrons: please click on "Patronage" in the menu to see your name...

MESTO concert March 24, 2019
The Downey Theatre
Conductor Nabil Azzam
Producer Dr. Nevine Carmelle

MESTO under the baton of Nabil Azzam

Nabil Azzam, Elie Kallas, Sufyan Elani and Dr. Nevine Carmelle (producer)

Program included instrumental and vocal composition featuring the music of the legendary
Farid El Atrache

MESTO Concert @ UCLA Schoenberg Hall
March 17, 2018

Nabil Azzam, Conductor

Suzanna Guzman sings Cansionis Del Barrio with piano and string quartet

Guest Conductor maestra Sonia Marie de Leon De Vega with Suzanna Guzman, mezzo soprano perfoprming Perfedia by Alberto Dominguez

Guest Star Singer Ayman Tayseer!!! Big Success

Four songs of Halim and 'Abd al-Wahhab! the audience loved his performance

Guest singer Marice Raad wonderful performance!

Our guest star singer Woroud impressed the audience



Nabil Azzam, conductor
Suzanna Guzman, Mezzo
Maurice Raad

Woroud, Suzanna Guzman (mezzo soprano) and Maurice Raad

Mideast Guest Artist Dr. Ayman Tayseer (Jordan)

in collaboration with the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
The Center for Latino Arts at UCLA
Prof. Steve Loza, Depatment of Ethnomusicology

Arab and Latino music at UCLA
Saturday March 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm
Schoenberg Hall
Tickets: $60 (310) 825-2101 or Ticketmaster.com

Munir Beken, oud; A. J. Racy, nay; Steve Loza, trumpet
click here:Ticketmaster.com (MESTO)
UCLA Central Ticket Office(310) 825-2101

Nabil Azzam, conductor
Music program includes music of 'Abd al-Wahhab
modern and classical latino and Spanish works



MESTO back to
Royal Opera House of Muscat, Oman
8 October 2016

Superstar Muhammad Assaf

Program includes instrumental compositions and vocal program.
Jasmine (for solo qanun and orchestra composed by Nabil Azzam. Solo qanun Lilit Khojayan)
El-Mallah "The Salor" composed by Nabil Azzam, for orchestra
Amal Hayati, Intal Hobb, Balad El-Mahboub.
Assaf songs: Akhi, Kulli Da Kan Laih, Ala Hisb Wdad, El-Kufiyyeh, Aiwa haGhanni and more!

MESTO is recording a NEW album
NEW and no name yet
The music of Egyptian composer/singer Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahhab
Orchestrated by Nabil Azzam
Among the compositions: Amal Hayati, Intal Hobb, Al-Nahr al-Khalid and MORE
We would like to express our gratitude to department of Ethnomusicology at UCLA
for donating the studio time
Also to our angel donor who covered the expenses of the recording!

MESTO concert April 24, 2016
Schoenberg Hall, UCLA
Nabil Azzam, conductor
Karima Skalli, guest star singer

Maestro Nabil Azzam, conductor, performs his violin suite "Mutlaq" with MESTO (photos: M. Kakati)

Marima Skalli stunned the audience! Elegance and Excellence

Mr. T. J. Troy, principal percussionist, successfully led this part of the program
Just before the last song he left his percussion section and introduced the three presenters.
Singer Karima Skalli had no idea she's being honored: A total surprise
Dr. Raymond Jallow, Chairman, Friends of MESTO was able to get Ms. Skalli a recognition from the Los Angeles county supervisors.

On behalf of the board of directors, Mr. Tawfiq Bisharat presented the Excellence Award from Arab-American Friends of Nazareth on behalf of the president Mr. Edmon Hayek. This was in recognition of Ms. Skalli's stunning performance in Las Vegas on April 16, 2016
Maestro Nabil Azzam presents the MESTO Conductor's Award to star singer Karima Skalli

In preparation for MESTO performances overseas
Maestro Nabil Azzam
honored in
Cairo, Palestine, and Nazareth

President Mahmoud Abbas presents Maestro Azzam with the medal of Culture, Science and Arts of highest degree in his office in Ramallah. video
With proud family and friends; (L-R) Mr. Nazir Mgalli, Dr. Halim Azzam, Mrs. Nahida Azzam-Shurrush,
Mrs. Nabila Azzam-AbuShkara, Azzam, President Mahmoud Abbas, Mrs. Naila Azzam-Libbis,
Mr. Ghassan Fahoum, and Mr. Tawfik Fayyad.

President Abbas has invited MESTO to perform in Ramallah in 2016...

Cairo Opera House for the opening ceremony of the Arab Music Festival on November 1, 2015; Mr. Hilmy Namnam, minister of culture of Egypt presents Maestro Azzam with the prestigeous award in recognition for his contribution to Arab music in general and Egytian music in particular. video
With Dr. Inas Abd al-Dayim (center) chairperson of the Cairo Opera House and Ms. Jihan Morsi (left)
Director of Arab Music Programs at COH.
The Arab Music Festival and Conference is dedicated this year to the memory of late celebrated peot
Abdul Rahman al-Abnudi. His wife (sixth from left) received the award.

Greeting fully attended Opera House! Also had the opportunity to meet poet Farouk Gweida, columnist, and editor of culture section in Al-Ahram Newpaper (Egypt)

Above: Palestinian medal and certification signed by President Mahmoud Abbas: to the world renowned
Maestro Nabil Azzam

Cairo Opera House honoring of Maestro Nabil Azzam. signed by Mr. Hilmy Namnam, Minister of Culture and by
Dr. Inas 'Abd al-Dayem, general director of the Cairo Opera House.

Maestro Azzam enjoying the sunset on the Nile...Oh, he also can't leave the wonderful Airbus A-380 (Los Angeles to Frankfurt) without a special visit to the cockpit to meet the three pilots.

With Dr. Abu Bakr El-Tawansy at the hotel in Cairo. His contacts and vibrant personality opened doors for Azzam in this lovely city. Dr. Abu Bakr is on the MESTO team in Los Angeles.

Mrs. Nihal Kamal accepted the honor on behalf of her late husband al-Abnudi.
Maestro Azzam was interviewed on several tv stations (right)

While on live tv interview Maestro Azzam noticed the bust of the great Egyptian master musician Abd al-Wahhab.
He took the freedon to direct the anchorwoman and the cameraman to move to the right so
he can be next to the bust. Here it is

Another interview on Egyptian tv at the end of the ceremony. An art exhibit of cartoonist Amr Fahmy showed famous Egyptian and Arab artists and musicians (Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab, right)

Mr. Ali Sallam, mayor of Nazareth, also had a special reception for Maestro Azzam at Nazareth's city hall.

Very warm welcome at a beautiful dinner party by AAAUSU in Nazareth, with president Dr. Rimon Jobran.

Hala tv station..live from Haifa with Mr. Wadeaa Awawdy (center). Guests are Ms. Suhad Bishara, Esq. and lawmaker Ayman Odeh (R)...90 minutes with great people. [watch video: http://www.panet.co.il/article/1130990]
Another exciting show at Radio ash-Shams in Nazareth with Mr. Fehmi Farah (L). While the live show was on the air two very important friends of Maestro Azzam opened the door of the studio and came in unexpectedly.
Mr. Muhammad Barakeh, former MK (center) and Mr. Suhail Karram (R) owner and president of Radio ash-Shams.


**CD Release Celebration!**
Tuesday Feb.24, 2015

Nabil Azzam with the CD banner

MESTO members also celebrated

Beautiful audience too

With members of Layali Zaman Ensemble

MC Frank Antonelli, MESTO manager

Dr. Raymond Jallow, President of Friends of MESTO

Scott Fraser, sound engineer at Architecture. Recorded Ah Ya Zain

Hatem Mounir, percussions and mastering of Ah Ya Zain

In this CD for solo 'ud, Nabil Azzam performs 16 traditional Arab Melodies with percussion instruments
and other beautiful accompaniment by Hatem Mounir dedicated for young ears.
Azzam's selection includes both vocal and instrumental melodies.
Almost all pieces are perfrormed with some degree of improvisation, an art that's highly admired by musicians.

MESTO Successful Concert, Oct. 18, 2014
The Downey Civic Theatre
Featuring music of Syria, Iraq, Jordan and also of Mozart
World premiere of Mariam by Nabil Azzam for violin and orchsestra
Works by Farid El-Atrache, Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahhab

Guest artists Rafi Kamal (Iraq) Samir Rizq (Syria) Hasan Minawi (Jordan) and Maestro Nabil Azzam

World premiere of Mariam for violin and orchestra by Nabil Azzam (violin)

Conducting Min Ghair Laih of 'Abd al-Wahhab

Consul general of Egypt HE AL-Husseini 'Abd al-Wahhab and his wife

Mr. and Mrs. Adel Eskandar of Layali Zaman, Drs. composer Sami and Mary Farag,
Dr. Abu Bakr El-Tawansy,Nabil Azzam and Mr. and Mrs, Maged Girgis of Layali Zaman Ensemble

Dr. Sami Asmar of Turath Ensemble

Strings: violins, violas, celli and basses. Ethnic: qanun, oud and mandolin.
Woodwinds include flute, oboe, clarinets and bassoons

The complete percussion section: Troy, Nahas, Payne and Martinelli

Our dedicated concertmistress Leola Wagner and Greorge Kuhr

Celli Belding (principal) and Votek and oud, Shaaban (also unseen qanun and mandolin)

Azzam performs his violin concerto Mariam
Program included the instrumental works:
Mozart: symphony no. 40 (first movement); Alla Turca
Atyaf (coktail) and Intal Hobb by M. Abd al-Wahhab,
Mariam, for violin and orchestra by maestro Nabil Azzam (World Premiere)
Min Ghair Laih, by M. Abd al-Wahhab (orchestration world premiere, N. A