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Join us on October 8th
at the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman

MESTO & Maestro Azzam
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October 8th

MESTO, the Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra, returns to Muscat, Oman under the leadership of Maestro Nabil Azzam, four years after they were invited to participate in the opening celebrations of the Royal Opera House Muscat in 2012.

MESTO will be featuring and performing a collection of pieces by the great Egyptian composer M. Abd al-Wahhab, as well as an assortment of folkloric and classical songs with Superstar Singer Mohammad Assaf.

Nabil Azzam

Maestro Nabil Azzam is a seasoned conductor, talented composer and arranger as well as a versatile violinist and virtuoso Arabic 'Ud instrumentalist. He has arranged a majority of the 170 or so compositions in MESTO's repertoire and has composed several of them, utilizing his thorough understanding of both western music theory and the "3/4 tones" or "red notes" used in traditional Arabic and Asian music.


Superstar Singer
Mohammad Assaf

Mohammed Assaf, the remarkably talented young Palestinian who won the Arab Idol contest in 2013 and continues to thrill audiences with his powerful and entrancing voice, will sing from his popular repertoire of classic Arab songs.

Royal Opera House Muscat


    Jasmine, by Nabil Azzam, solo qanun Lilit Khojayan
    el-Mallah "The Sailor", by Nabil Azzam 
    Amal Hayati, by M. Abd al-Wahhab, featuring Fahd Shaaban on Buzuq
    Intal Hobb, by M. Abd al-Wahhab
    Balad el-Mahboub, by M. Abd al-Wahhab

Vocal:   Featuring Mohammad Assaf
   Akhi, a song of M. Abd al-Wahhab, by M. Abd al-Wahhab
   Kulli Da Kan Laih, a song of M. Abd al-Wahhab, by M. Abd al-Wahhab 
   Ala Hisb Wdad, a song of Abd al-Halim Hafez, by Baligh Hamdi
   el-Kufiyyeh, a song of M. Assaf, by Ali Bader
   Aiwa haGhanni, a song of M. Assaf, by M. Raheem
   Safini Marra, a song of Abd al-Halim Hafez, by M. el-Mougi
   Khatarna Ala Balak, a song of Tony Hanna, by Rafiq Hubeiqa
   Biktub Ismik Ya Bladi, a song of Elie Choueiri, by Elie Choueiri
   Ward el-Asayil, a song of M. Assaf, by Yaser Omar

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