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Auditions to join
MESTO, click here.

have compositions that use ethnic musical themes?

Looking For Ways to be Part of MESTO?
We Welcome You!

  • In addition to general assistance, there are particular areas in which you can be effective.

  • Grant Writing:
    MESTO qualifies for several grants both locally and nationally. We would like to explore these grants in order to better serve our audience and society.

  • Public Relations:
    Some people are more talented than others in this area. MESTO seeks to develop strategies in order to reach wider audiences. Any new ideas? Well, do you have any friends in the press? Once you attend a MESTO concert you will develop new ideas.

  • Shows and Tours:
    Yes! MESTO is planning to perform in as many venues as possible. If you have experience in working with group concert bookings, think of MESTO! We are willing to travel and let America hear our music.

  • Technical Assistance:
    If you live in the West side of Los Angeles, and would like to attend regular rehearsals of the Multi-Ethnic STar Orchestra (Tuesdays, 7-10 PM) here is an opportunity to volunteer. If you are familiar with the responsibilities of an Orchestra Librarian or Stage Manager we welcome your assistance.

  • Any Suggestions For MESTO? Contact us: mestomusic@gmail.com

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