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“The Crescent”

The Crescent

MESTO is proud to announce the release of its first CD “The Crescent.” We tried our best to include compositions that cover as many artistic and ethnic areas as possible. The CD includes nine works respectively: Arabic (Egypt); Turkish (a traditional art genre); Original composition (The Crescent by N. Azzam); Taiwanese (with ud solo by Fahd Shaaban); Azeri (M. Omranifar, tar)  American (Arranged by M. Miller and B. Applebaum); Persian (Shabnam by K. Zolani, santur); Middle Eastern (Sama’i composed by an Armenian-Egyptian, Y. Tatyus) and the best of Sephardic music arranged by a very well known musician, Shelly Cohen.

Many of our audience asked for such a recording. Concerts alone are not enough to spread the musical message of MESTO. We hope that we can reach out for wider audience and present this recording as representative of the talents that this wonderful group of musicians, MESTO.

Thanks to the generous grant from our patron, HRH Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, we were able to spend many hours at a prestigious studio and to cut many of our well-selected repertoire.

The Crescent ($14.99) is now available for our audience.

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