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Our Thanks | Our Supporters

Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra

The Orchestra Would Like to Thank:

  • Our valued friends and their businesses who generously support us by advertising their businesses in MESTO's printed program.
  • Mr. Sami Asmar, program note writer and Arabic lyric translator.
  • Pat and Samir Twair
  • Ms. Laurette Ghoulam
  • Ms. Ann Kelly for your great help in so many ways.
  • All those organizations that posted this concert on their websites and sent numerous notices over the internet to hundreds of addressees.
  • Mrs. Suhaila and Dr. Musa Nasir
  • Mr. Sami Mashni, Esq. of AA4P
  • Ms. Rima Nashashibi
  • Arab American Calendar
  • Mr. Kamal Abu Shamsieh
  • Mr. Waiel Kakish of Kan Zaman
  • Cedars Network USA. (cedarsusa.com)
    Special thanks for publicity assistance to Mr. Bilal Dalati and Ali Rayes of the American-Syrian Club
  • Dr. Mahmoud Qussi
  • Mr. Yousef Haiek of News Circle Publications.
  • Ms. Jacki Skeels extended her editing and proofreading talent. We are hoping for improved style.
  • Our thanks for professional marketing collaboration to Mr. Jon Osborne.
  • Thanks to Mr. Nate Holtberg who volunteered his photographic expertise.
  • MESTO is very fortunate that Mr. Joseph Ghoulam will audio record this concert.
  • Mr. Adel Showki is a Nay player who does not miss an occasion to help the orchestra.
  • Mr. Steve Bonnell, Manager of the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center has our thanks for working with us and facilitating our performance.
  • Pastor Carol Nolte and the Parish Counsel make us feel welcome while we rehearse at St. Andrews Lutheran Church.
  • Special thanks to Mr. Abdo Jahshan of Ontime Printing and Dr. Ahmad Imam for his high level artistic computer skills and good service.


Thanks to Our Supporters
(Alphabetical Order)

Mr. & Mrs. Hamid Abu-Laban
Mr. Ahmad Alam (Al-Alam al-Arabi)
Mrs. Olfat Agrama
Mr. & Mrs. Moustapha Akkad
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Alberty (and Abu Habib)
Mr. & Mrs. Sami Asmar (Turath)
Mr. & Mrs. Adel Barakat
Mr. & Mrs. Taffy Bishara
Mrs. Suad Cano
Dr. & Mrs. Hazem Chahabi
Mr. Bilal Dalati
Dr. & Mrs. Ali Fattom (Maryland)
Mr. William Ghazarian (Panorama)
Mr. & Mrs. Othman Ghnaim
Mr. & Mrs. George Ghrair
MR. & Mrs. George Hage
Mr. & Mrs. Azmi Hanna (Orthodox News)
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hayek
Mr. & Mrs. Karim Karam
Mr. & Mrs. Abdu Jahshan
Dr. & Mrs. Naji Jurdi
Mr. Elie Kawkabani (ART Radio and Television)
Mr. Waiel Kakish & Ms. Lana Khalaf (Kan Zaman)
Mr. & Mrs. Wassim Khalifa, (al-Nahar)
Mr. Fozi Khouri & Family (San Diego)
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Khouri (San Diego)
Dr. & Mrs. Nabil Khoury
Dr. & Mrs. Elias Khury
Prof. & Mrs. Moshe Lazar
Dr. & Mrs. Antoine Mansour
Ms. Florence Mattar
Dr. & Mrs. Musa Nasir
Pastor Carol Nolte
Mr. & Mrs. Fadel Olayan (Forsan)
Ms. Samar Olayan (Samora)
Dr. & Mrs. Mahmoud Qussi
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Rauch
Mr. Ali Rayes
Mr. & Mr. Sa'id Saadi
Mr. & Mrs. Jiryis Sayegh
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Slim
Mr. Samer Saba (al-Akhbar)
Mr. Samir Shami and Ms. Fatima Atiyya (al-Intishar)
Dr. Tariq Shawwaf
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Sheinbaum
Dr. Paul Stansbury
Dr. & Mrs. Shibley Telhami (Maryland)
Mr. & Mrs. Samir Twair
Mr. Anis Zubi & Family

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